Infrastructural Facility
Our infrastructural facility is characterized by its superior product slate and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Extensive Sales Network
We are at good terms with a nexus of active distributors in market.

Motivated Team

Staff at PN Abrasive is a group of highly motivated professionals equipped with skills, industry exposure and experience.


Product portfolio offered by PN Abrasives is cost-effective and gives optimum value of the money put in by clients.

Customized Products

PN Abrasive offers tailor made product folio for our valued customers.

Product Portfolio

Our Abrasive product range includes products that caters to a wide range of industrial clients.

Extensive experience of PN Abrasives coupled with stringent quality procedures have enabled us to produce Grinding & Polishing Abrasives, Machines and Accessories of the highest industrial standards.

We are committed to our clientèle requirements; irrespective of the size of operation, we have experience and team that suffices all.

Technical Detail : Abrasive Products

PN Abrasives Products Technical Detail
We are manufacturing all types of Abrasive in three major bonds, i.e. Magnesite Bond, Volex Bond & Synthetic Bond comprise of grit range starting from 16 to 1500, 5x

Frankfurt Abrasive: 16 to 1500 grit
Chamfering Abrasive: 16 to 1500 grit
5 Extra Abrasive: Above 1500 grit
Solid Batta Abrasive: 16 to 1500 grit
Fickert 140 Abrasive: 16 to 1500 grit
Fickert 170 Abrasive: 16 to 1500 grit
Glow X Fickert Abrasive: Above 1500 grit

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* Frankfurt Abrasive
* Fickert 140 Abrasive
* Fickert 170 Abrasive
* Solid Batta Abrasive
* Chamfering Abrasive
* 5 Extra Abrasive
* Glow X Fickert Abrasive

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