Abrasive Products

Frankfurt: Frankfurt Abrasive is used for Marble, Limestone, Kotastone, Sandstone Surface level and polishing.
Frankfurt Abrasive
Fickert 140: Fickert 140 Abrasive is used for Granite Surface level and polishing. Fickert 140
Fickert 170: Fickert 170 Abrasive is used for vertified tiles polishing.
Fickert 170
Solid Batta: Solid Batta Abrasive is a economic domestic abrasive product used for polishing of Kota Stone tiles and Marble pieces flooring.
Solid Batta
Chamfering: Chamfering Abrasive is used for side molding and polishing of all kind of decorative and natural stones such as Granite, Marble, Kota Stone, Lime Stone, Sandstone. Chamfering
5 Extra Abrasive: We are speciaalised in 5 Extra abrasives, used for fine mirror polishing on marble Tiles, Slabs and Flooring at final stage.
5 Extra Abrasive
Fickert Glow X: Glow X Abrasive is used for fine mirror polishing above 1500 grit. Fickert Glow X



Fickert 140


Fickert 170


Solid Batta




5 Extra Abrasive


Glow X Fickert


To mark a name in the industry with our passionate efforts with helping our clients to avail best quality products at a competitive cost in dynamic markets with changing technology and demands.

Vision: We strive for value centred perfection and client satisfaction. To achieve progress with innovation combined with superlative performance and motivation to be the best.

* Frankfurt Abrasive
* Fickert 140 Abrasive
* Fickert 170 Abrasive
* Solid Batta Abrasive
* Chamfering Abrasive
* 5 Extra Abrasive
* Glow X Fickert Abrasive

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