Infrastructural Facility
Our infrastructural facility is characterized by its superior product slate and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Extensive Sales Network
We are at good terms with a nexus of active distributors in market.

Motivated Team

Staff at PN Abrasive is a group of highly motivated professionals equipped with skills, industry exposure and experience.


Product portfolio offered by PN Abrasives is cost-effective and gives optimum value of the money put in by clients.

Customized Products

PN Abrasive offers tailor made product folio for our valued customers.

Product Portfolio

Our Abrasive product range includes products that caters to a wide range of industrial clients.

As a b2b unit we strive to cater a wide range of clientèle with an extensive array of quality products that gives excellent performance without compromising with design and durability.
As an employer we value our human-assets and believe that their growth should go hand in hand with company growth.
To be an environment friendly company and work in harmony with society and nature.


PN Abrasives is a quality driven abrasive manufacturing company based in the mineral hub of Rajasthan i.e. Udaipur. We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of an extensive range of Abrasive products including Grinding and Polishing Abrasive, Abrasive Grains, Coated Abrasives, Emery Stones, etc.

With over a decade of experience in industry PN Abrasives is well equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and latest technology. Empowered with these, we are able to meet the bulk as well as customization requirements of our clients. For customization of our products in accordance with client's needs we work in close coordination with the clients in terms of the size, diameter etc.

At PN Abrasives we always believe that the well-being of the company and of its people are closely correlated; and that the company's most valuable assets are its people. Our technical units constitutes people with experiences of more than 25 years. Our machinery and equipment are handled by our team of well experiences and qualified work force.

Research & Development is important as it keeps us updated of the growing market and changing needs of the end users. We value our clients and understand that durable and elegant floors have a positive impact on a building's value and bring in client satisfaction.

* Frankfurt Abrasive
* Fickert 140 Abrasive
* Fickert 170 Abrasive
* Solid Batta Abrasive
* Chamfering Abrasive
* 5 Extra Abrasive
* Glow X Fickert Abrasive

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